• screwyouuuu 9w

    G E N E S I S

    by Eden's hiatus
    o the fruits we've plucked
    tasted in creator's afflatus
    smudged underneath sin's eyelids
    weighed upon by chained misleads
    pray, to seize the fleeing fear
    fear that enroots seizures.

    if we were to swing our breaths
    from stemming cradles to ripe deathbeds
    and the wuthering within
    our hearts shall beat best
    in the unrest we've dwelled
    as nails share with the cuticle
    a breath and a death.

    while we savour and savour
    the sweet wine of stars
    which swirls, flavoured silver blood
    yet a generous drop sticks unto mortals
    from the abundance of Neptune
    the saviour's salted kiss
    is but, not persuasion
    merely, an unsound chortle.

    my friend, brings you, on knees
    all the men who have thus said
    bow and kneel on theirs
    before the nucleus of life
    this unknown and widely known
    whose power is exploited
    in everything but mere name.

    as it satiates taste buds of maw
    pervading through all the whiffs
    like drowning in the deep deluge
    of little water that may wash
    the deeds away, not in dense stains
    seeking green groves leading
    to a beetroot shaded maze.

    the red bite of the fruit on lips
    has been seeded ages ago
    forbidden the good and the evil
    ignorance, the sentinel
    of where our hands sow
    in the vast lush garden.

    but so it happens
    in the era and epoch of gods
    that blood of the next of kins
    embellishes naked and porous skins.