• sayali_s_1111 10w

    "I was walking on the bridge , with the water flowing under it..
    Surrounded with the trees on both ends..
    In between both the ends , something I gained..
    On the journey from one end to another ,
    all my wandering thoughts , I gathered..
    Some brought me , my laughs , once I enjoyed to hear..
    And , some brought me , lot of tears..
    As I laughed , I looked at the sky ,
    so many birds were there , just passing by..
    I was hearing their sound , and , I just found , I was unable to hear my own voice..
    I remember , when I just cried , my tears dropped on my toes..
    I looked down to it , cutting all my woes..
    I saw large amount of water flowing under the bridge..
    Before they get lost into that water , that water was asking me for my tears to seize..
    I was on the middle of the bridge , I just looked back and looked forward ,
    the distance I covered and the distance I wanted to be covered..
    And I realized , the distance I already covered was as beautiful as the distance I was looking forward..
    Those were my thoughts , that were making it weird..
    In this large universe , you're just a small piece..
    But , it all depends on the way you look at yourself and at all the things..
    Do you look at yourself as a dust floating without any direction , on the wind..
    or do you look at yourself as a sparkle of the star that can light up the darkness by it's own being..❤" -@sayali_s_1111


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