• anil_123 9w

    Who's that idiot who started these claims??!! And I'm surprised with the fact that many girls accept this unverified nonsense fact with a positive response.

    I just laugh with all sarcasm to it and ask,
    "Were you mingled at the time you were born?",
    "Has parents, friends, siblings hold no significance in life?",
    "Are you born just to get cozy with one another and marry?",
    Then please justify your reasons why I must not resemble you with any other animals from animal kingdom!!

    And moreover people have started making jokes on single ones on reasons why they're not mingled. This is horrible!!!

    I mean can't a person chose to stay single and spend time and money on himself, his parents and friends!!! Are humans getting stuck to one thing at the end?? That's SEX!!

    Its time to change our thoughts.