• upsilon400 5w

    Inspired by a candle... yeah.

    Changed the title (it sounds better this way)

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    Goodbye, Waxopolis

    The golden city melted away like honey.
    If there's one person you should blame, it's the arson.
    I won't say that I was framed, because it was me.
    "Why?", you ask. Well, I for one thought it was funny.
    Fine, I will answer. It's dark. There, that's my reason.
    It is through impulse that I should light a candle.
    I see it now, all the details. So beautiful.
    Truly, it is the work of an artisan's hands.
    Gravity topples the towers that once did stand
    on the foundations, and in their place now ruins.
    So much effort and so much time put into this.
    Glowing. All emanating a very warm light,
    an honorable farewell to Waxopolis
    fulfilling its promise, lighting the darkest night.