• soni_27 5w

    Broken, lost in the world of disgrace, devastated by her relationship she had pitiful countenance, from tortures given to her every night from drunkard abusive husband,
    Her nights we're tales of neverending miseries, a self sympathy was all she had to feed,
    She longed for days of bright sunshine and rains,
    But all she wore is a relation just of pains,
    Her mirror did not see her from decades for she ignores herself in dismay,
    Day and nights she was forbidden in a pain lingering her ways,
    Lost as she was forgetting all that she could do or could have done for she was not a weakened soul,
    But grave on to violence she did wear the mask of injuries all alone,
    There was someone next to her an innocent child who longed for a mother's arms and nothing more,
    Weeping and howling on nites after nites fighting a grief self,
    Unknown to destiny calls, for she never knew where this tragic of life would end...

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    Living by a drunkard relation.

    Her grief told a saga of miseries every nights.
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