• poetrypills 5w


    It's always been you that i'm looking
    I can't believe you're already that far
    I'm tired reaching my hopes up
    Stolen chances
    Slow dances
    It will never bring YOU back to me
    I guess it's really a goodbye
    My heart has not been healed
    My mind still wanders around
    My body aches for you
    My whole being is ripping apart
    Countless nights without you
    Countless days of regrets
    I guess it's really time
    Thank you for accepting me
    I'm sorry for putting you in a rough spot
    I hope we can both discover the remedy
    I promise not to do it again
    I may not be available but you can still count on me
    My first of firsts
    A few of who I trust
    My last waltz
    Find your happiness
    Let's end this mess
    Nothing will change
    From loving you less
    Since it still aches for you
    There's no other way
    But away from you

    (2019-2020) 1 year and 8 months ❤️