• shaddaiirie 24w

    After many failed relationships I sat and cried about if I was good enough for love. After all it had to be me. The problem wasn’t that I wasn’t good enough, it’s what I was looking for. Nobody can love me like my father and I always thought I never knew what that felt like but I did. I finally had a dream that he spoke to me. I’ve never had that and I didn’t have any obvious memories of my dad, just stories. In the dream I saw how much I was loved so I didn’t have to search for it, I didn’t have to look. Even thought I don’t have recent memories he did and does love me.

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    My daddy called me last night collect
    He said I don’t mean no disrespect
    But stop letting these niggas get the best of you and the rest of you
    I know it upsets you that I’m not here
    But you won’t find the parts of me
    That you’re yearning for
    The more you look the more lost you’ll be
    You’re looking in the wrong direction
    The undying love and affection is with you already
    You’ve never been far from it
    You’ve had it already
    You just have to dig deep
    Down in your subconscious
    And I promise,
    You’ll find the very thing you’ve always wanted
    What’s haunted you at night
    And when you find it
    Everything will be alright

    - Shaddai Irie