• uncensored_pure_thoughts 9w


    I lay down for a nap
    My body was cold
    But I could feel my soul warm
    My dream was still disturbing my peace of mind
    It felt a nuisance
    I was trapped
    I was in a dark tunnel
    My thinking ability was being shutterd away by the thick cloud of thoughts
    I was not ready to face the future
    The dream always revealed the future
    The dream  was a trap
    But I  was my own bait
    My thought were raptured
      Then I was taken away
    I could feel  my consciousness being robbed away
    The urge was too strong
    Not even my shadow could resist
    From the fangs of the dream
    I could no longer resist
    I gave in
    I was able to see the world in a different perspective
    My dream made me to
    The windy breeze swayed me further
    I was able to understand the cards of life
    Not every win or lose matters
    The factor was always luck
    Suddenly my dream leads me in a dark room
    A room where light is like a mystery
    But I can also relate this to my situation
    I was lacking hope and faith
    My dream
    Revealed future as a promising destination
    But life was like a train bound to no where
    I choose my destination based on my past
    A life of suffering misery
    I thought would be a great starting point
    I always thought this could help me set my priorities right
    But my dream had no time for the past
    The future was a high priority
    A tap on my shoulder
    Made me comeback to my senses
    My dream
    Suddenly revealed that the future is not for us
    The future is still a mystery 
    I leave my nap wishing my dream would  reveal more
    Since then I can not help thinking about the future
    The future falsely revealed in dreams
    I still believe the dream was a bridge to the future
    My dream was sophisticated
    But I believed I was more complicated
    The dream
    That I believe will teach me more about life
    But still not sure whether to believe it
    The dream that made me unconscious but may be full of senses
    Senses not common to conscious people
    I believe it will still reveal
    Even if it takes an entire lifetime
    I can not explain better
    But for the ambitious,we will keep on dreaming