• veloc1ty_ 6w

    This was around the time when I was going through something bad. I've gotten out of that mess and I'm okay now
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #horror #voices #dark

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    It's 4AM in the morning
    And I'm still awake
    The voices in my head aren't letting me sleep
    My sanity is at stake

    My past has come to haunt me
    In the form of my own voices
    It's filled with regrets,mistakes
    And a few bad life choices

    The voices are getting louder and louder
    By the passing minute
    It's a blackhole of negative thoughts
    And I'm falling right into it

    I'm helpless! I can't do anything to
    Get out of this situation
    I'm losing my mind and
    It's building up my frustration

    Though there's silence in the room
    In my head,the noise is deafening
    It's getting scary out here
    Just like that movie 'The conjuring'

    My brother's sleeping beside me
    I don't wanna wake him up so
    I try not to cry or even scream
    I'm praying for this night to end
    So when the day starts
    I can pretend that it was just a bad dream