• universilje 22w

    Moon light black rose children


    Give me moonlight. The quiet unexpected shush of cities. The dark, rejected souls flourish in creativity.
    Black rose petals, gently falling. One by one..
    As the drop of the ideas of the long nigth flourish.
    The sexual energy of life blooms.
    The sleepless awaken.
    There is an restless, tormented, blissful energy.
    The intoxicating mixing of dual energies emerge.
    The night is a celebration of imagination.
    We awaken whether awake or asleep.
    La luna ripples into our subconscious parting out our deepest desires, wishes & fears.
    We are at one with the cosmos.
    We are out of body.
    A simple stalk in bloom.
    Fearless, ethereal & realising our deepest desires.
    We are ligth.
    We are dark.
    Fully realised.