• su_tshant 5w

    I hate her

    I hate her as much as I hate ice-creams in winter.

    But I can't elude her as I can't elude ice-creams.

    I keep my door open for her.

    I want to jump out of the window every time she enters my room. 
    But still, I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, waiting for her.
    As she enters my room.
    I don't even look at her face sometimes.
    I hate, I hate her as much as I hate ice-creams in winter.

    She runs her fingers through my hair. 
    She Kisses me everywhere. 
    Her hands reach for my dick, she loves playing with it, sucking it, I like when she touches it, sucks it. 
    She grows upon me with every stroke, every touch, every time she Kisses my balls.
    I've never looked at her pussy, but I love touching it. 
    I hate looking at it, but she knows I like it slightly trimmed. 
    She has the biggest breast I've ever seen, but they're saggy. 

    We both love sex. 
    She prefers doggy style, and I'm too lazy for that so I make her ride me.
    We Fuck till we can Fuck no more. 
    When we get tired, we just lie down for hours, talking and smoking, and, drinking, and, starting at the ceiling.  

    I talk about arts and poetry.
    Moon and moonshine.
    Woods and cigarettes.
    She talks about her husband and her kids, and I hate her.

    I hate her as much as I hate ice-creams in winter. 
    But I can't elude her as I can't elude ice-cream s