• azatuna98 5w

    Lockdown thoughts

    I've dusted and blow-dried my mind
    From pouring out this lockdown thoughts
    In best tonic and grief.

    There is fear, there is panic buying.
    There is isolation, there is sickness.
    Yes, there is even death.
    All over the world people are waking up to a new reality.

    There is just silence that prevails;
    Roads are all empty.
    As though humans have been caged,
    While the birds are befreed.

    If everything ends today,
    All the money you've been dying to earn,
    Nothing will save you.
    You're just a creation, certainly mortal.

    We've been busy chasing things,
    That don't really mean a thing.
    Walk to the choices you make,
    So to how to live now.

    ©azatuna zhimo.