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    I Saw You

    My fickly mind still clearly remembers the day
    The day, the dark cloud rained for the first time in a clear sunny sky
    The rain poured down heavily, ignoring the protesting thunders of the white ones,
    The storm came too.

    Moments were passed between us everyday
    Silently we conversed through silences and eyes
    Breathing in the smokes of burning wood and walking on hot asphalt was a chore for both of us
    And the unexplainable, unnoticed bruises were a sign,
    A sign of you being my twin flame.

    On my journey, empathisers I met many
    But you were the first one who cared too
    A person who cared for me
    A person who didn't only hear the words but listened,
    A person who along with listening, understood my blues.

    Heart never felt lighter and mind so heavy
    Sirens were blazing inside my head
    But they all became blur when I finally let you come through
    Rationality was thrown out of the nearest window
    That day, emotions finally won the battle against indifference.

    After the rain stopped
    The callings of a Phoenix gave me a clear view
    Nights lost their significance and I still don't find any calmness after seeing the moon
    Because under the sun and your fire only
    I stopped observing
    And saw for the first time
    I saw the one who protected the morning dew
    I saw you.