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    To a friend with a golden heart on his birthday. .. Happy birthday Sammy...#ChairmanBIMUN #BIMUN18

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    To SAMUEL..

    While the sun rose in the east
    You found your way outta mama like a fish
    With tears that caused her to smile
    Papa overwhelmed with felicity

    'Samuel' 'Samuel' an apt name
    Called to educate, empowered to lead,
    Sophisticated and embodied with so much care
    An entrepreneur already in the lead.

    On this voyage, we met
    Of many stories written in the sun,
    Your smiles are the best.
    Footprints on every heart

    Shooting words in magnimity,
    Verbose with encouragement and support
    Enshrouded with an intoxicating personality
    Here's to the man with words that comforts