• eurusgrey 11w

    The first line "This side of my skin" was taken as a prompt from pinterest.

    I'm afraid block is gonna be persistent for a while.

    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    This side of my skin
    Feels a little rough
    A little tough
    And I wonder
    Am I e n o u g h?

    There's an angel
    On the other side
    Who's soft
    Unlike me
    I hide from her
    for she might
    run away
    from me.

    A mess
    with stardust
    in my hair
    and galaxies
    in her eyes
    We fit together
    like sky
    and sunshine

    I'm a fighter
    A survivor
    She's a healer
    A goddess
    Yet we fit together
    like an unholy