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    LILY: But that you need to make it a lie. You need to challenge that literature and should stop this things from happening. If humans become beasts, then I guess it wouldn't be nice.

    LUCKY: He is ESH, a GODSLAVE and not GOD. How can he change the fate of humans. If it is written, they would become beasts after a particular time phase, they would, who can stop the fate? It is written that I, LAKSHMI AND NARAYAN WON'T UNITE AND WOULD STAY SEPARATED FROM EACH ONE AND TILL NOW ALSO IT IS FOLLOWING US. WE NEVER UNITE AND IF WE UNITE ALSO, WE WON'T REMAIN TOGETHER FOR A VERY LONG TIME. It is called fate. It is impossible to win it. Not only creatures on the earth but even the divine forces can't escape it. IF IT IS WRITTEN, THEN IT WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN. NO MATTER WHO INTERFERES.