• vidushipawar 41w

    Making tough choices is easy.

    What if, right now someone informs you that you have only 30 minutes left to live?
    Just forget about everything else and think..
    What's the first thing you'll do? Will you spend all the money that you have? Will you head up for a sky dive? Or will you just run to that closest person in your life and hug him till your last breathe?
    I know it sounds irrelevant to think of this right now.
    But wait...
    When you're confused in life what do you do? You toss a coin in the air to make your better choice. Every time it happens that you've already made your choice while the coin is still in the air. Isn't it?
    Well..our heart Knows each and every answer to life, it's just they are like those shy kids who feel hesitant to raise their hands and answer. Put your mind in dilemma and your heart will tell you what you actually want. So when you face a tough choice,just think about those last 30 minutes of your life.And that is why, one must trust his heart because mind may play Games but the heart wants what it wants.