• wayfarer_ 33w

    It was a full moon night
    Sitting on the rooftop,
    I was thinking of what to think now?
    Suddenly a girl came and sat beside me.
    I Baffled ,moved aside.
    She said with fascinating tone
    "Remember? you promised a girl
    to spend time with
    on a swing, which would be
    hanging from somewhere
    Over the clouds."
    " But it was in my dream!!" I replied
    "So what? Promises are promises,
    No matter whether you made it
    in the dream and fulfill it in the reality."
    Wonderstruck me "So you came from my dream?"
    She responded "Yeah, you doubt? "
    "And you stop sliding towards me."
    I smiled as she caught me.
    She added"You blushing?
    Oh stop. Its a girl's job,
    You better do something boyish"
    "Eh! Boys do kiss suddenly
    to their dream girl. Should i?" I questioned.
    As i was shifting toward to kiss her
    She got busy in refusing me.
    In this fuss, we slipped
    I screamed out loud
    And woke up in my hostel bed.
    Stopped the alarm with a slam.
    Oh fuck, I was dreaming within a dream .

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