• swastikmohanty 22w

    Dweller of Dreams

    I have a empire of my dreams
    far from dusty lands and wet sea,
    here silence echoes with merry sounds
    and the air blows with glee.
    Destiny rules the reality
    but dreams are totally mine,
    there rains showers on my desire
    on my wish the sun shine.
    In the kingdom of desire
    I preserve you as a granted boon,
    In reality you are a distant star
    in dreams you glow like moon.
    Faces will come and fade
    as eternal dweller you will remain,
    in empire of my dreams where
    true love only reign.
    Destiny is too cruel for some souls
    in dreams they are destined to meet,
    some stories are half finished in reality
    so in dreams they are compiled to complete.