• why_to_be_normal 22w

    I started on Mirakee because someone say me that I'm a good writer and I decided to prove how much I could do with this.

    At begin I thought that Mirakee was just for publish my ideas and search my feelings, but I was wrong.

    Step by step I fell in love with this app and this big family ♡

    I make friends @ruen_roven @death_is_comming @saimkhan107 and I love them.

    I make more than 100 post now and making a review of this short time, I see how much I dedicate to Mirakee and I'm glad to that.

    Thanks for everyone likes my post, for all that commentaries, all that mentions....that's always in my heart.

    I'm happy to be here and I don't afraid to world know it.

    It's not a very good confession :') but I want you to know.

    Thanks for all this time my quoters friends ♡

    #shy #confession #mirakee #quote

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    A confession