• jocund_chum 23w

    Walking around the city
    I saw hundreds of pilgrims
    Wandering the streets
    In hopes to see him
    The holy spirit of god ;
    The undying faith
    The boundless belief in him
    Brought people from far off lands
    To the lands of divine faith .
    Amongst the crowd
    Were the devotees that come with hopes
    Hopes to be fulfilled
    Wishes to come true
    While some come to find solace in him
    To find inner peace under his wings
    while some renounce this world
    Give up all money and relations
    Just to seek his benovelence
    Just to feel his presence
    This divine aura of his in this land of holiness and love
    Astonishes me how a non-believer
    Becomes a believer
    How strays of hope
    Turns into rays of hope
    Maybe this is the power of him
    That brings hundreds of people to him
    With hopes and wishes