• nidhi2603 6w

    Ruthless 2020

    Curses, deadly surprises, no more please
    Stunned we're, seeing your evil powers, believe
    Australian forest fire disrupted biodiversity
    You stated to showcase, your cruelty
    Tension between US and King jong un
    Oh 2020, it was your another wicked move

    Corona havoc, then threatened the globe
    The panic is continued, aren't you yet bored
    Iranian missile launched in US base
    It augmented US rage,world was dazed
    Another dreadful move then you displayed
    Succumbed many lives as Ukraine airplane crashed

    Your stubbornness couldn't be conquered
    Again you won, summer Olympics were postponed
    You flashed Indonesia with devastating floods
    Shaheen bagh witnessed innocent bloodshed
    Again on peak your agony and wrath
    Many lost lives in Pakistan plane crash

    You weren't content with this bloodbath
    Bengal grappled with Amphan aftermath
    No more tremors, derision please
    2020, just stop threatening us with your obscenities