• diwa_diwa 22w

    Woke up last night because of this.
    I just had to write it down afore I forget it. ��

    #nightmare #diwa #yqbaba

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    I saw endless, brutal strife where old friends
    Turned into sudden, callous foes
    And every passage was sealed up
    Against these former comrades, posthaste.
    Then, as the enemies tried to decimate
    Our hurriedly-constructed blockages,
    A violent fight between two brothers
    Came to a startling boil.
    Blood, splattered blood, dripped
    Without mercy down the unforgiving floor
    While enemies, inveigling to paralyze us,
    Were duly ignored.
    I could hear the anguished plea of a sibling--
    Pleading for a bit of compassion,
    Yelling for a tendril of breath--
    His bleeding head, mangled and grubby.
    I let my eyes roam all over the room--
    Searching for a glimmer of receding hope;
    Then, I realized that my father
    Was in deep, oblivious slumber
    While a show of ruthless destruction
    Continued to take place;
    And so, I shouted and I implored--
    In a tortured voice, I beseeched,
    "Father! Father, please help us! Father, please!"
    I heard myself screaming for his succor
    As the vicious chaos slowly encroached
    And vanquished each terrorized soul.
    Then, I grabbed my rosary and started to pray--
    Tears garbling my words, clogging up my throat.