• artworkgay 50w


    My mind is like those old paintings you see in grand museums. You know, like Baroque paintings. Moody works from the 1600s. Take for example artist Caravaggio. He has got to be one of my highest appreciated painters ever. Not only are his works fabulous looking, they have a story too. Symbolism hidden right in your field of vision.
    Have you ever looked at one? Like, REALLY studied a Baroque piece of art.
    They're deep, they're shocking, yet calming. Calming with their warm and dark colour scheme. Shocking in the realistic portrayal of often biblical happenings. Not that they actually happened- but almost. Almost as if they did, somewhere.
    Here's where my mind comes in to play.
    Have you ever thought about the possibility of everything? I mean, if you can think of it, doesn't that mean it has to exist somewhere? After all- our fantasy is a mere mix-up of information our senses continuously gather.
    Okay, without getting TOO philosophical in here, let's talk about the Universe first.
    If the Universe is infinite, its possibilities must be endless. If every possible- AND impossible- concept is true somewhere else, then everything we can imagine, can't imagine, can and can't imagine, neither, either, bla bla, you get the point- must be reality somewhere, right? If that results in parallel Universes or contradictory laws in our own is up for debate.
    But back to Baroque paintings.
    Remember how I noted their realism? These works are hundreds of years old, depicting fictional scenes, all in great detail. It reminds me of my theory. Our minds can depict crazy realistic scenes. So... think of one. Think of a beautiful scene, a pleasant happening, an idealistic storyline.
    Do you think someone, somewhere not here, could be painting your scene? Have the exact same idea like someone on another earth (or wherever the hell they live)?
    I think so. And, I like that idea. Give it a try. Parallel universe artist or not, at least it'd bring a little more joy in this world. And hopefully more art on another!