• davetrotter 6w

    I have many scars.
    I have scars all over
    my body from 12 surgery
    and many other injuries scars.
    But the emotional scars that have
    scarred my heart and mind are the deepest.
    The scars we have from being opened up for repair or injury are nothing compared to the inside emotional scars on our spirit.
    The scars of words, of rejection, of failure, of lost love, of lost friends, of spouse or family or the loneliness that comes from loss, can create the deepest scars.
    The important thing is that your scars
    don't cover your eyes. So that you live
    in darkness. Without hope of ever seeing
    and feeling love, happiness and joy again.
    The deepest teaching point are the people
    and things that hurt us or save us.
    I have many scars. ┬ędavetrotter