• sanjay_writes 23w


    I thought I could've danced onto your rhythm of symphony.
    The part of my mind which finds an escape through you.
    The way my emotions would flow when you're on my mind affecting me.
    You infected yourself in me.
    I do not know why.
    I kind of was scared to let you go.
    Or perhaps maybe the idea of not to be able to have the world seem such a happy place,
    Stopped me from letting you go.

    On the other hand, you kept destroying me.
    The inner me.
    The stronger me.
    You wasted my time a little by little,
    Slowly converting me into an addictive insane.

    Then it turns to the devil of the story, unlike how fairytales are told.
    The castle you made me dreamt of was a place where people sang the happy melody.
    They'd, along with me, wouldn't feel the pain.
    At least maybe for a day or two.

    The castle now turns into a four wall cage.
    I'm scared and filled with rage.
    Where did they took you?
    Oh I'm so wanting you.
    I am desperate.

    But now in return i was learning how you killed me.
    Killed my organs.
    Killed my senses,
    Suffocated my breathing,
    Pry on my life.

    This is how someone brings happiness?
    To let anybody, to harm any body, to let one soul murder it's vital worth?

    This was not what i pictured myself in my life.
    I hate it here.
    This place will not let go of me easily.
    So wrong.

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