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    But, its all futile in the end.

    "Her" Thoughts- a series of poems, spoken words, quotes and scenes , all surrounding "Her"

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    Two types of people -"Her" Thoughts #7

    There are two types of people.

    Those who only see good in people. No matter how bad they are.

    And those who only see the bad in people. No matter how good they are.

    She is the latter.
    She wishes she was the former. But , that is not the case.
    When , she looks at You, all she sees is the pain You'll cause "Her".

    She tries to see the good.
    When you kiss her tenderly on
    " Her" lips,
    She opens "Her" eyes

    Stares at Your eyelids
    And prays to
    To make "Her"
    See the
    Good in