• tinwrites 22w

    Take me now

    I'm tired of sadness.
    Of every night which seems to be an agony.
    Remembering the things I'm going through, tears flood my pillow.
    The dark sky and sad moon take a peek on my window.

    I'm tired of loneliness.
    Of being alone, no one to turn to.
    Screaming for help yet no one listens
    Yet I know you've heard. You have heard.

    I'm tired of failure.
    Of throwing my greatest thrust yet nothing happens.
    Of giving everything yet ending up being a huge failure- failing everyone.
    Of failing in every single thing.

    I'm tired of people.
    Of loving yet left unloved.
    Of drawing myself nearer yet being thrown away like a garbage.
    Of offering myself yet being rejected.
    Of sharing myself yet being ignored.
    Of giving my best yet taken for granted.

    I'm tired of myself.
    For always not learning to stop trusting everyone,
    For always failing everyone.
    For always giving everything yet ending up losing myself.
    For being me.

    I'm tired of this world.
    Filled with darkness.
    Filled with selfishness.

    I know this is not my home.
    Which is why no one listens.
    I know Someone waits for me, the One who really cares.

    So please, take me now.