• kenyettajohnson 9w

    Creole Rella 2

    After about 2 years of living with the
    African's Grandma died. She died from a heriditary disease called Lupas. It is when all body
    organs shut down. The heart was good after all it was only a 16 year old heart. The problem first
    was the kidney's. She had to be on kidney dialysis everyday. Next, the doctors said she needed
    a bone marrow transplant. Shortly after that she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She said she
    was afraid of dying alone so she died at the Africans home under my care. I had tried to take
    care of her the best I could before she died. It was a very exhausting task. It fucks with me up
    until this day. I was up for about 72 hours changing her bed pan. I believe this is the reason I developed (OCD) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I probably always had it but that really
    triggered it. For about 4 years I would keep washing my hands over and over again. Some
    nights I couldn't even sleep because I kept washing my hands over and over again. As I
    continued my journey with the Africans Terri, and Jerimiah I vowed to myself that I was going to get away from them as quickly as possible. Although, that quickly as possible turned into almost never. I planned to get knocked up, and get married to someone. The idea was to have me some kids and marry into someone else's family. I had first boyfriend when I was 12 in the 6th grade. Unfortunately, Terry and Jerimiah had a Minnie Me that altered my plans. I was
    supposed to have gotten pregnant by 16, and get married. Move in with my husband, and make his family mine. Oh, but no that little bitch had to be born and ruined everything. When I was supposed to be getting pregnant I was stuck babysitting. Not only that, but the little bitch was getting in the way of my only escape. I would invite my boyfriend over fresh out the tub. We would be sitting on the couch, while I was waiting for him to make a move. Here comes Minnie me sitting right in between us laughing. I called her Minnie me, but her name was Mika. I swear I think she was doing it on purpose. That really left us no time to do anything. When Terry
    realized I was dating she put me on birth control. Nothing had gone the way I planned. That was
    the beginning of my entrapment with the Africans. I so often thought to myself that I was going to get my own family, and get out of there. Terri seemed cool before she had her Minnie Me. We even took a trip to Georgia to see Martin Luther King's house. We went shopping a lot, and I even went to work with her sometimes. Oh, but she flipped the script so fast. It was almost like I didn't matter to her anymore. I thought we were best friends. The fact that we both were
    adopted, and didn't know much about our real families made us closer. Mainly because we had
    common backgrounds basically. My grandma was right they did treat me like a slave, and
    treated their daughter like Princess Dianna. It was so many times I felt I didn't belong. I was
    always depressed, because the birth control made me fat. I was chubby as a child, but when I
    made it to the city in 5th grade I was bones. I had such a slender build. I was tall with a bronze
    gold complexion that shined. I had a beautiful healthy head of hair. By the time I got to middle
    school I died orange streaks on my hair. I was gorgeous, then by the time I made it to high
    school I was destroyed. The birth control pills are nothing nice for a lady trying to keep her
    figure. I guess Terri made it clear that I never meant anything to her. I was just her helping slave for their family. I guess that was their mentality, so that was all they knew. They needed someone to punish for years of slavery they ancestors had. So I guess I was the one best fit for it at the time. They are not the only race that had to suffer. Don't nobody owe them shit. Hell, my family lost land that was stolen that they can never get back. I lost parents, and other family members I can never get back. She should be grateful she was blessed to be rescued by a woman like my grandma. Instead she wanted to treat me like their little servant girl. Jerimiah don't know what he had gotten himself into marrying that bitch Terri. Terri should have never reproduced. The world doesn't need more copies of her. She doesn't know what to do with the half wit of a child she had. Terri was selfish, money hungry, self righteous, and only cared about how much money was in her bank account. After she sucked Jerimiah dry like a leech that she
    was she kicked him to the curb. Shortly after that she got with a sex offender boyfriend Kevin.
    As long as he was dropping hundreds every day, she could care less about him being a child
    molester. On top of that his gay son Junior moved in too. You know I was about to be pushed out the door. What makes it even worse she gave the car my grandma left to her boyfriend's son. Within a week he wrecked it completely totaled. I never asked for the car I knew she hated me she wasn't going to give it to me. My grandma left the house to 4 of the kids she adopted they had to sell it, and split the money. Grandma left me nothing I assume it was to keep my identity a secret. She just treated me like shit because she hated herself. She used to tell me stories about how the other children would tease her by saying she was too dark. She secretly hated me because she knew I was my grandma's true blood. She knew I had known her secret about where she came from. I remember the days at her house she loved to make fun of me at family gatherings. Oh, look at Rella she looks like a prissy little white girl. She is such a drama queen. Then the rest of the foster family would say. Rella, why are you so tall, and skinny. Where is your ass at? They really were so jealous of my DNA it was a damn shame. I was made up just like grandma. The only difference was she was
    about 2 shades lighter than me. We both had hot pink lips, and very fine hair. Terri secretly
    hating me, and she really wanted to break me. She wanted to make me feel miserable about
    who I was, and everything that I have done in my life. I guess it made her feel some kind of
    satisfaction. Then, she raised her Minnie me Mika to dog me out the same way she did. She
    made sure they would be able to double team me to continue their mission to destroy me. By
    me having the DNA I have been blessed with nothing they tried could bring me down. Jerimiah was originally from Nigeria. He was a private family Doctor that sees patients in his
    office. He worked Monday through Friday, and was off on the weekends. Terri new she struck
    gold when she started dating him. She hurried up and got pregnant after she started dating him. Little did he know fools rush in. It wasn't long before he realized Teri was going to make his life a living hell. Jerimiah thought he had got him a good African queen. What he really got was an American mental patient. It was only a matter of time before it was revealed. I felt so sorry for him marrying Terri. He didn't even know he married the devil. The devil made a copy of itself, and spit out Minnie me Mika. She would use me to go out and cheat. She would tell him she had to take me to work on a project for school. I finally got fed up with the African's. I realized I needed to find my real family. I knew some of them had to be still alive. I also knew they had to have known about me. I knew all I had to do is make my way to Louisiana to meet my family. At the time of me turning 18 years old Teri kicked me out. I was kind of relieved. Every time I walked in the door after school I had this awful feeling around her new boyfriend. We didn't get along at all. Jerimiah just happened to come over at the time she was putting me out. He knew I Had no where to stay so he said stay with him for a while. I stayed with him as I tried to prepare for my college exam. He was never there half the time. It was almost like it was my place. He stayed at his girlfriend's house most of the time. I couldn't focus on the exam for school.
    Although, I already had a permit to work in a shop doing hair I needed the license. I didn't know where to start. I didn't get the license. That was a time in my life when I felt so alone. During that time I was remembering the stuff grandma told me. I kept it to myself for a long time. She told me I had a twin and they changed the birthday on the birth certificate. She never said if it was a boy or girl. I just assumed it was a girl. When the time was right I knew we would one day meet