• rishanshtiwari_ 6w

    You miss someone and wanted to tell him/her but you couldn't because you fear that this will irritate him/her. He/ She thinks so practically. you can't ever share your feelings ,your thoughts ,your complaints because you fear if you tell him/her ,he/she will angry over you for these pointless talks. You are now like ,you talk with yourself and sometimes cry for that person and act like you are busy in you life and never miss that person but inside you know how difficult to act like this. you really love that person and thinks so much about that person miss that person in your mind . You are now thinking a sweet memories of that person with you and feels that person is beside with you and you simle . This feeling is very hard but you can't do anything about it. You can't change that person and can't change yourself .So you decide to hide Your feeling and smile .