• jennis 5w

    Happy Birthday MAA

    My father always said:
    "No one in this world , not even me, can ever love you like your mother "
    And I feel this every single day when she runs her hand in my hair to wake me up,
    When she tells me that I don't look good ,not talking or smiling and asks me a million times ,what's wrong? Best friend, she is my first n forever bestfriend. She wraps me in her lap and let me cry. I piss her off with all the lil things and she would still love me , I shout n fight and her love would never decrease and she would still pull my cheeks and kiss me. She is a thread that kept our family close , she is a gem that makes everyone look beautiful , she is a friend to my friends , my mentor for cooking , makeup , styling and most importantly for relationships and life.
    I aspire to be like her , to be able to give love without receiving it back and be happy about it. I'm learning from her... I'll always do...
    Thank you Maa
    I love you