• thetorturedstories 9w

    How to not give up in this selfish world? :

    You will have to act like a grown-up man when someone hurts you. In this situation instead of hurting them back try to understand the moment if it was done knowingly, move on don't waste your time there.

    If someone needs an explanation for anything doesn't run away from explaining things. But stop explaining when you realize that the person only wants to understand things according to him/her neglecting your points.

    Sometimes it's better to stay quiet because no one understands your feelings and situations. They will realize your situation only when they are stuck in that situation (I pray everyone stays good in life).

    Never feel low when no one understands you. Something is not 'wrong' if people don't understand and support it. Believe in yourself ❤️

    Always listen to your heart. If something looks good but it doesn't feel right...don't force yourself to do that. Walk away!