• seveneyesoflight 23w

    From one moment

    In my life
    I have been involved
    In many places and with many people
    Yet only one stands out.
    Only one who has my heart
    My mind and my energy
    For reasons beyond me
    I find myself lost on this planet.
    I am capable of being many great things
    And have accomplished many different tasks
    But the one in my hands now is of the most dear
    My soul cries out for help with this one
    For my wisdom is not enough this time
    I ask for the universe to guide me to the answers
    If you feel the heartfelt love that I do...
    Join me on what's left of my journey.
    Or let me find a way to slip away and diminish quietly to my demise. For you are my greatest
    Partner and to be without you is my death.
    I will always love you...for reasons known and not. I hope you somehow feel the energy we bring to light.and don't extinguish the power we as a team emitt. You are my true heart.and my reason for living.