• _goura 10w


    If we call him dark we are teasing,if we call her dark we are racists.
    If someone beat him unknowingly "he might not be from good family", if someone touches her it is rape.
    If he wears shorts "he doesn't have any moral values",if she wears it is independency.
    If he cries they say "ladki hai kya",when she cries "ladka koun thaa jisne tujhe rulaya".
    When he says I love her they say "shakal dekh khudka", when she tells I love him "ladka ka kismat aacha hai".
    When he meets with a accident nobody is there to help him,when she faces the same crowd come up for her.
    When she files a divorce every law stands for her, when he does the same "characterless hoga" even law also don't stand for him.
    When someone comments on him it is a joke to be laugh,when someone comments on her it is eve teasing.
    Seriously, we boys feel the same pain & same depression.

    Yes we are also been raped but not physically but mentally.