• theapurvamishra 6w

    Let it hurt,till it hurts you no more.

    My love wasn't limited
    my care wasn't useless
    My head wasn't brainless,
    Always thinking of you.
    I wasn't careless
    I became ruthless,
    I became shameless
    Always staring at you.
    Yet you pulled me closer,
    Yes you holded me harder
    Yes you hugged me tighter...
    But I was thrown back by you...
    U made me cry,u made me weep,
    I wasn't myself,till I creep.
    You hurted me like hell,looked me with disgust
    But all I decided to be myself first.
    Wiped my tears alone,pulled my cheeks alone...
    I thinked of you still,unless my tears became still.
    I'll let your thoughts hurt me...unless I become effectless now.
    I'll look at you through the blocks, I'll search you in streets
    I believe in karma,which will hurt back you in creed.
    Now all I know,is to make a life in big score...
    Let it hurt you,till it hurts you no more.
    Let my brain, with your thoughts,be pore
    But I'll cry no more.