• sanjana_sunidhi 6w

    Been one year since then and now I am sitting, smiling and reminiscing those moments we made together….
    Wo pyaar ka izhaar or tere baar baar uss izhaar ko sun ne ki chahat, tumhe yaad ho ki na yaad ho….
    Mere izhaar ke jawab me tera mujhe intezaar kraana, tumhe yaad ho ki na yaad ho…

    And then a voice echoed from deep inside my heart…

    But I wonder how our hearts took the whole of the year in loving each other,
    Your whispers in my ears on those cozy winter nights at 1 am in the morning,
    Tumhe yaad ho ki na yaad ho…
    Those warm breaths of yours,
    Holding and making me feel loved no matter the countless miles prevailing between us…
    You were there,
    You’re still here showering me with your affection, my love…. :-)