• sadiyah_b 5w


    When we break free ,
    What do i take away with me ?
    Do i run with broken bones
    Or bruised skin , or a hole in my chest ?
    Do i run away walking or limping or crying ,
    How do i not leave a trail behind for them to find me ?
    Do i smile when its over or do i sigh
    Do i cry or smile with a pellet in my eye ,
    Whom do i ask ?
    The man who lays flowers on his son's grave ?
    The women who lament their raped existence ?
    Or the woman who cradles her baby's corpse ?
    Or the toddler who sits on his grandpa's chest ?
    Or those who speak and are muffled to death ?
    Whom do i ask , what to take when we break free ?
    Do i get to leave ever or there's a bullet for me ?
    Do i get to breathe or am i just another kashmiri ?