• aditya_badiani 9w


    Nails, whether long or short, are sharp yet anchored
    Paired with hammer, forms anything straight or curved
    Fixtures and shapes needs these tools all day long
    All they do is make everything strong.

    A screw with a head but no brain
    A hammer with strength but no self direction
    Both born out of the need of each other
    And yet complete their own existence

    A wooden piece becomes a base for a unique creation
    Pattern in various forms gives it a beautification
    Dominos, military troop or streetlights
    Formations like these showing balance, symmetry and crux being solidified

    Jammin' to 80's music while other kids being quiet
    Rock n' roll rhythming nails with class day & night
    Doing the nitty-gritty part of work while having fun and restless eyes
    Afterall nailing it altogether was our only prize.