• rajnishshridhar07 6w

    Love, lavender.

    I am counting my days now, for there aren't any. More...
    I remember every strand of finite memories in infinte ways. Would you tell me how to calm down? They say lavender could make me less anxious. That it could cure me, once and for all. Why do I condemn myself ?
    I tried redeeming my soul, but all I did was love, write and break my heart, everytime.
    Everyone's got so much to say, and how I not care everytime when every day I deal with darker nights?
    Do I even deserve an autumn?
    Why do I drown myself out like this?
    What did I do wrong, what did I miss?
    They say lavender's got healing powers, they really heal.
    What if the lavenders' aren't even real?
    Irony is I let this loneliness win.