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    First day of my college when i first saw you..
    I've never thought that love at first sight is really exist. Your eyes that seems like a deep yet beautiful sea, Your pointed nose that's made of best sculpturer, that red lips that i can't stop staring all day.You're like a perfect painting that is made of love.I want to cherish and love you.. I want to takecare of you as my treasure. I want to keep you.
    Its start with that "Hello" but i fell so hard that i can't go and lift up myself. I keep watching you to a far place and really careful to be caught. I was madly inlove with you that it takes time for me to say "Hi".

    Every night your in my dream and everyday i keep Thinking of you... Tell me when you are tired of running in my head. Cause sometimes i was thinking to hit my head in the wall. I keep following you and watching you..Cause i believed that if you have your dream then follow it and don't let go!
    Your made me fight for myself and you became my inspiration in all things. Reach and catch my dream without self-doubt. I love you with all of my heart and soul.. I did everything to you to realized that I'm not just the girl around. That I'm a woman deserve your love. Because of loving you and watching you I've never thought that it's already 3 years... 3 years of loving you and patience.. But the past 3 years it remained as a secret of loving you. I don't miss any of greetings to you in social media. Valentines, birthday,Christmas, and New year.. Greeting you is the only way of starting a conversation with you.. i want to talk to you till we fall as sleep, till our eyes ache.

    You don't know that i was hiding and convince myself to approach you when you are alone.. Why you are so near yet so far? I want to shout and cry to you while telling my true feelings about you. Last day of class when you said "See you next school year!" I was really happy... That smile of yours makes me realized how lucky the woman besides you. She's really pretty and cute.. I tried to imitate her but i can't. I realized that It's really hard to pretend. Pretending that i don't care... That I'm okay but when you turn your back i cry hard while watching you with her.. it's really hurts to asked myself that..
    "Why did you not try?"
    "Why did i not tell him?"
    "Why did you waste the chance?
    "Now look! You've lost him! He's now with somebody else." Stupid me of not trying! Idiot! only one i did is just watched you but you know what? I injoyed watching you.. it's really worth it! You though me a lesson...

    Grab the chance and don't waste time..

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    First love,
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