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    Actually a song, been writing a few songs lately, that's why I haven't posted much, got a new job and had to get out of the old one too (was working 7 days with both jobs so been a bit busy..)

    Will post again soon, just gonna catch up on a years worth of sleep first :'(

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    To: Frankenstein, From: Monster?

    Oh little Frankenstein,
    Aren't you proud of your creation?
    No niceities, no 'pardon me's,
    No wasteful hesitation.

    Speaking mind or heart, no matter,
    Unrestricted, careless, clatter.

    Oh little Frankenstein,
    Are you proud of me?
    Am I who, you wanted me to be?

    Claws come when you're cuddled,
    My Love and hate are all muddled.

    I mean to hug, but I scar your skin,
    One second, no longer, our everything.

    Oh little Frankenstein,
    Why do you cry?
    I match your model,
    So tell me why?

    Created from parts, still broken in the end,
    You meant to fix me but tore more than you could mend...