• _gonewild 5w

    I'm fragmented

    I was born on this planet
    With a life that im carrying untill now..
    The moment I was outside my mother's womb
    I started breathing the air
    To survive....
    I was born as a human
    The most intelligent on earth maybe...
    I was happy even when I cried
    As my mom came to me...
    She cared me
    And I was growing
    I learned to walk
    I was walking on earth
    But my parents happiness made me feel
    Like It was moon
    And I was a astronaut....
    I learned to speak
    And then my schooling started
    The school is a second home
    Who said it ,but it's wrong....
    I loved making friends...
    And then seasons passed
    And so as I....
    New classrooms each year
    And new teachers....
    But my friends never changed
    They stayed the same....
    But in the process of growing
    I became careless day by day
    Delays followed me
    Wherever I go....
    I was more on grounds
    Than my classroom
    More in my sports shoes
    Than my school shoes
    I was growing this way...
    Not the way my mom n dad wanted
    The studies suffered
    Results suffered
    Mom n dad suffered
    And at last I suffered...
    But the life I had inside me
    Wanted to change the things
    But it was too late...
    And my school days ended
    My mistakes followed me untill now
    And my achievements were dusted
    I was born as a whole
    God built me perfectly
    But I fragmented myself
    In the process of growing up....