• alijamal786 10w

    Be someone better

    As people we excel but as humans we continue to slowly rot away. We reached the moon yet cant reach out to help the needy who live around us. Medical breakthroughs are made yet still people die because they are poor. Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize the next decade and that is why I fear that human interaction may die. Its not nice to link human beings to scum but sometimes it may very well be necessary to speak up. We bleed the oceans dry pollute it with chemicals and waste. We kill wildlife till species get extinct and cut rainforests. Yet this is just the opportunistic side of man not the sly serpent like character I wish to highlight. God Gives And God Takes. And when we see someone with more of something unless it is problems we try everything within our power to take what is not ours. Money Power Fame. I need not explain myself history backs me up. To make things worse instead of telling lies to save your skin we tell lies because we know not the difference. Talking about taking a man for his word. We strive not to make people happy yet to hurt them forgetting the toll it shall bear on your shoulders later on. A gentle reminder more like a bitter panadol under your tongue. Words that people are scared of saying real advice that may change all our lives. Live a better life for a better afterlife.