• ga_bree_lla 6w

    Before 8teen

    She wanted to be noticed
    To leave her shell
    To stop feeling like a novice
    And feel more like a Dell

    She wanted to explore and wonder
    To feel everything soft and hard
    Making her mum to ponder
    And pray her daughter doesn't get bad

    She wanted more from what her dad could offer
    A gift so penniless yet expensive
    She wanted to be treated sweet but tougher
    But she carries heart so cold and depressive

    She tends to think she is a leader
    But yet locked in the chains of a slave
    She feels she is better
    But still doesn't know how to behave

    She is told she has gold down in her womb
    A gold that can tarnish her fantasies
    And she buries it in the tomb
    But after this she still believes their fallacies

    Before 8teen
    She had the choice to control the beat
    But now she let the world control her feet
    Left with just the heat