• amateur_scribe 9w

    The more rudeness you Exhibit to others
    the less kind you're to yourself

    There were always bustle in my mind
    that why I can't be rude or sturdy with
    the people who throw shades on me
    Or hurt me with their actions

    Why I can't just revert back the same
    Thing to them
    Why inner me stop me from being the
    Way how I used to get treated

    But one day I read some lines which stated
    That the one who hurt or devalue other
    Often don't love their self
    Because the one who love themselves
    can never hurt others feelings,
    efforts and respect each one's notion
    As they will be knowing how important
    it is to love oneself and the
    same way to the fellow other
    who is also trying to love themselves

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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