• yugadi 51w

    The Day It All Fell Apart
    Chap-1: The Party

    "Who's it for, Amber?" Lilly asked.

    "Will, of course". I was holding a locket with our initials engraved on it, my valentine's day present.

    "So you two lovebirds are coming to my party or not?"

    "Sure we are Lil. But we'll leave early." I replied.

    "That's fine."

    I have been to Lilly's house like a thousand times. Still the magnificent building leaves me awestruck. The creame coat of paint looked even more beautiful, decorated with fairy lights. A fountain was placed in the garden. Needless to say, the house was looking far better than me. My thoughts were interrupted by an unpleasant voice of Sadie.

    "Hey, Amber,"she said.

    Ugh, I can't deal with this right now. I pasted my best fake smile, turned around and said, "Oh! Hey Sadie. You look great."

    She said, "of course I do sweetie." She gave me the once over, sneered and said, "You look fine."

    That b***h.

    I don't say I was looking drop dead gorgeous or anything, but I sure as hell was looking better than fine. I wore my pink strapless frock, which ends mid thigh and brought out my blue eyes. I had paired it up with white stilettos. My blonde hair was neatly arranged in a bun with some strands let loose.

    "Thanks Sadie. By the way, where's your valentine? Or are you alone?" I said a tad bit dramatically. Her expression instantly changed from condescending to a glare.

    "That's none of your business" she said and stomped off."

    Ha! Take that, b***h.

    As I entered the party hall, I was overcome with the sweet scent of lilacs. The room was charmingly decorated with flowers and balloons. Cute little paper hearts filled the room. The decorations were simple but classy.

    "Hey, Amber! Over here".

    I heard Lilly's voice from the other side of the room and went to her.

    "OMG! You look gorgeous." Lilly said.

    She herself looked stunning in an elegant black evening gown and heels. She had left her hair down that flowed down perfectly in curls.

    "Of course I do sweetie. You look fine." I said, imitating Sadie. Lil recognised the act at once and started giggling.

    There comes Will. We have been in a relationship for two years now, still my heart skipped a beat when he entered the hall in his black tux, running his fingers through his hair as my fingers itched to do the same. Every girl in the room stared at him, as he made his way towards me, held my gaze for a moment and kissed me. Yes girls. Stare all you want. But he's taken.

    "You look amazing, honey." He whispered softly in my ears which sent shivers all over my body.

    "You look tempting", I managed to say and threw in a little wink, in an attempt to look sexy.

    Which, by the way, failed because Lilly (why was she still here?) started laughing. I gave her the get-out-of-here look and she scurried away.

    "Will, let's get out of here" I said.

    It had been an hour and I was getting a little impatient.

    "Oh no. Let's stay some more", he teased.

    "Oh come on. Lil won't even know we're gone", I said.

    "Right. But still you go tell her. I'll be out."