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    A Crude Analogy

    If only love was strong enough
    To have saved you from everything
    But as you grew up, it wasn't so
    Love was not the savior you thought it would be
    If only love was your savior
    Maybe then you would have stopped searching for it
    In the crevices of people's souls
    Or in the darkened alleys of broken hearts
    Love was a shrewd pretender who almost made you believe
    If only you were not that naive
    To fall for it again and again and again
    But such is our tales
    We fools will fall for it again and again
    Hoping to break through the iron chains
    That love so endearingly holds us with
    That may be in doing so multiple times
    Love would finally see that we were worth it
    Because for love to be so ruthless and cruel
    The only reason could be that someone broke love, right?
    Love was an angel fallen from heaven
    Spreading around the world to make us taste the defeat of the Fall
    Until finally maybe we humans could finally
    Make love believe in us again

    If Only...

    © Tushir Sharma