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    Have you ever wonder how some people are so much so successful while most are living just a life of mediocrity. some people are so happy even with the adversaries while most are living in disdain? Why so? Does we are created differently? Does we experience different life situations? If what we are facing is happening for the first time and this experience never happened before... guess not... so what's the difference in outcome when more or less the problems or situations are altogether same... How some people change their life when something less desirable happens and other allow it to worsen the life. How some people get healed from chronic illnesses while some die of very small disease, what is the difference? Is there anything to do with our Fate, but if there is anything called fate at all?

    Is it because??

    People have came to conclusion that they are powerless puppets in the hand of something they know nothing about, every effort to bring them to realization that they are not so, seems illogical to them , but what they don't know this so called logic is nothing else but their own ego, which makes them believe and keeps in this delusional enigma that they have no control over all which is happening but some outside force, which resides somewhere out their and do things as HE pleases, who is judgemental and only give certain things to certain people, As HE has some special chosen ones with whom he is pleased with their past karma or by his own will. Any effort to bring them to the awareness of the oneness doesn't excites them, they remain ignorant and indifferent.
    They will blame, complain, condemn about everything, they console one another for their own powerlessness, they seek shelter in the room of excuses, they use sympathy, as a tool to sharpen their believe in lack, limitation, they will keep carrying the baggage of past on their shoulders as their experiences and keep distributing these flawed and failed concepts to each and everyone they come across and gathering all they can gather from others to keep their baggage full, to keep it heavy with all they possibly can to stay in conviction of their disbelief and disability as a co creator.
    Yes on the outer state they say they beleieve, they wish, they think that things going to get better, they claim that they will do it, but these words doesn't have any sort of authority because they are not fueled with faith in self power, not in the sense of boasting but in the true sense of authority as an integral part of this wonderful creation, they either surrender to the outcome of fate or wish to do things forcefully with their so called will power not knowing that both of these approaches will fail for sure as it did from centuries.
    Men from ages had wished and prayed to get things better but all gone in vain, look around and you'll find ample proof of all what he is doing in form of misery, pain and misfortune, the power seems to be in a hands of few with all others seems to be living under their mercy, billions of men and women had wished , prayed and sacrificed so much to avail no results yet some gather the fruits and all the joys of life as much as they can without much efforts, they were considered as lucky in the eyes of rest who wish to have successes if not all but a tiny fraction of that.People look at them to share their fortune with others, they feel jealous with the achievements of these few, believing that these people acquire some special power, gifts or talents which they wish they have had.
    But, if it is the real cause of the fortune of some and misery of majority or the reason is something else, didn't we see some people rise from obsecurity, defying all odds and rise from rags to riches, so what is the cause for them to succeed when majority fails...
    The reason lies in only one thing and this is so powerful that it can bring liberation to one self yet it is so simple that people won't believe, as a part of their conditioning they believe things to be complicated to be of any value forgetting that the mightiest forces of nature are resonibly simple, the water for example, now come back to the point again what is that which liberate a human soul from bondage of lack , limitations and self pity , to give him the power to rise, to avail the fruits of life to live a nobler, grandeur life, enjoying every moment of his physical appearance!
    Many have not come this far to read as they found it illogical to look for the reasons as they already have convinced that it is all done by some force which live somewhere else as per his wish... but if you are still here, here is the truth and as it is said in the scriptures, "know the truth, as only truth will set you free" so the truth is... the undermining cause of all goodness or evil, success or failure, riches or misery, pleasure or pain is simply this... that you are part of it all, the part of this giant wheel of universe, wittingly or unwittingly everything that had happened or happening in your life or around you is because of you, you are the cause and effect simultaneously, what you're reaping is sowed by you, maybe you won't recognize your harvest now as human memory is not very long lived, it is you who have brought all this to fruition whether you like it or not.
    The seed of your belief in your powerlessness is what makes you live a life full of sacrifices, adjustments, sorrow, misery and misfortune and you still watering it with your thoughts and words everyday, and unless you stop doing this nothing will change, no matter how much you wish or pray, you may walk the entire earth knock and beg at every door of any force outside of you but it will always go in vain as it always did in the past. Until you take responsibility and develop a firm conviction that you are a co creator of all this is... without your faith in your infinite power within.. without your acceptance of the existence of spirit inside of you, without your faith that " I AM" the way and the light, I and my FATHER is one. "I AM" all Wise, all Powerful and all Conquering, nothing can stop.me, every thing will keep happening the way it did.
    Unlesss you develop the faith in self and accept that all that you need is within you, HE walks besides and within you, you stop seeking it in external sources, you stop begging or blaming and complaining, you realize it is not a few but all who posses the same power and you are one of them, you are not at mercy of anything or any one, you are one with all and all is one with you and everything which exist is for all to make use of ,you only have to claim your fair share from it, not forcefully or ill means, you don't have to beg, to steal or to compete, this universe is full of bounty and their is plenty of everything for all, and you just have to claim what you find yourself one with, irrespective of any judgement or prejudice,
    Look within to see the vastness of infinite creation and you are it's only operant power...
    because "I AM" the GOD and their is no one besides me.
    You are all that was, that is and ever will be.
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