• sjwordsmith 5w

    Anxious Waters

    You will know pain; I regret my words,

    When you are alive, and wants to kill everyone,

    No matter you adore, despise, or suck them.

    That's all same, she fills each day,

    Knowing she's loved by a monster,

    Knowing she's doomed to Shobo,

    Loving in the shadows and screams,

    Come, sit, talk, listen, and love.

    My Deathra, she sleeps in pain and hopeless,

    Not guarding down her castle and realities,

    It's the love we do; waiting, knowing

    The longings that never come out.

    I am fighting to know what's left,

    I failed to learn in the dark cages,

    After all, darkness too got a chance.

    You will feel pain; Scream when you do!