• taytay_nicole424 23w


    That's what you are
    And stupid as well
    Stupid for actually thinking that you hold all the power
    Stupid for believing that I'm still afraid to speak up after two years
    You may have taken my body, more of my sanity, and a part of me that summer night
    But you could never steal my words, my poetry

    I bet you felt so in control
    On top of me, holding me down while you used my own body agaisnt me
    I bet you felt so powerful
    Forcing my face in the pillow as I cried and begged you to stop
    You attacked what you perceived to be your fragile little girlfriend
    Well you underestimated me
    For I'm way stronger than you thought
    So watch your back you rapist monster
    Because Karma's a bitch
    And her sights are dead-set on you